An elderly Turkish Cypriot woman mourns the death of her in 1964 killed by EOKA terrorists The great EOKA dream shared by young Greek Cypriots Greek EOKA propaganda in Cyprus Turkish tank in Cyprus (1974)

Greek Troops Parade towards TRNC Turkish Coffee Cup Depicting Cyprus. Original Picture Displayed In Turkish Cypriot Newspaper 'Halkin Sesi" (1964) Archbishop Makarios and his dream of uniting Cyprus with Greece Archbishop Makarios meeting with EOKA terrorist General Grivas

Turkish Cypriots In Greek Detention Camps

Turkish Cypriot Resistance Against EOKA

Turkish Cypriot Males taken prisoners by Greek National Guard

Turkish Cypriots running away from the terror of EOKA


Burial Of A Turkish Cypriot Killed By EOKA

Turkish Cypriot Killed By EOKA

Greek Cypriots EOKA Suspects Searched By Greek Soldiers

Turkish Cypriots Leaving Their Homes In Sth Cyprus


Turkish Cypriot Boy Offers Turkish Soldier Water

'NO' To Annan Plan Propaganda By Greek Cypriots

'NO' To Annan Plan Propaganda By Greek Cypriots

True Feelings Of Greek Cypriots


'NO' To Annan Plan Propaganda By Greek Cypriots

Greek Cypriot Graffiti Proclaiming ENOSIS

Archbishop Makarios With 'Greek Cyprus' Displayed On A Banner

Daily Mirror Newspaper displaying Greek Cypriot Atrocities







Makarios supporting ENOSIS

Missing Turkish Cypriots From Taskent

EOKA General Grivas

Turkish Cypriots rejoice with Turkish Army (1974)


Turkish Cypriots Protest for Their Rights (1960's)

Greek Propaganda For Cyprus & Istanbul

Cyprus leaders Denktas & Papadopoulos

British Newspaper Cartoon Ridiculing Archbishop Makarios


Turkish Cypriots Army Landing (1974)

Turkish Plane shot down

Turkish Troops Parachuting (1974)

Turkish Cypriots subjected to inhumane conditions (1974)


Greek Cypriot Priest Takes Arms (1974)

ENOSIS (Union With Greece) Graffiti By Greek Cypriots In Cyprus

Presidential Palace after the Greek Cypriot 'EOKA' Coup of Cyprus

British Soldiers Shot Dead By EOKA Terrorists (1950's)


Greek Cypriot Woman Mourns After Her FiancÚ Was Murdered By EOKA

Greek Cypriot Killed In Church By EOKA Terrorists

The 'Green Dividing Line' In Cyprus

The 'Green Dividing Line' In Cyprus